Only Civil Aviation Authority Approved Unmanned Aerial Vehicle pilots are allowed by law to carry out aerial video & photographic work. See Civil Aviation Publication Air Navigation Order 2016 Article 94 & 95

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Legal stuff concerning the use of UAV's (Drones)

There are strict rules and regulations governing the use of UAV's (Drones) for commercial purposes, overseen by the CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY (CAA) in the United Kingdom. Only UAV (Drone) operators that hold a permission for Commercial Operations (PFCO) are allowed by law to conduct aerial work in the United Kingdom.

A PFCO is not just granted to anybody by the CAA. It involves lengthy and costly training and the passing of a CAA written examination, the production of a detailed Operations Manual by the operator (which has to be approved by the CAA) and a flight planning and practical flight test conducted by a CAA approved organization.

Any person who does not hold a PFCO and uses a UAV (Drone) and any business that uses the service of a unauthorised operator, are breaking the law.